Monday, October 21, 2013

What is Grubby Boston?

I should take a minute to introduce my favorite Android project, Grubby Boston. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as many students know, happy hours are illegal. I'm sure there are some very legitimate puritanical reasoning involving sobriety and decency to back up this law. Some weirdos actually like this nonsense, because: 

1. Drinks are cheaper all the time (what other cityies have bars selling $1 drafts all day and night?)
2. Food gets really really cheap just as most people get out of work and are hungry.

Grubby Boston plays on the latter of those two advantages. Just enter the day, time, and neighborhood you want some food specials, and it spits out all sorts of deals. Crazy deals. Some examples are ten-cent wings, dollar burgers, and half-priced menus. Of course there are your typical one buck oysters, happening at a bazillion different seafood restaurants every day.

Like many apps, Grubby Boston offers a free and paid version. The free version just limits the amount of deals shown at any time. The paid version, which costs a whopping $0.99, doesn't hold anything back. At 5pm on some days, there are almost 30 deals. The free version doesn't have any ads, and probably never will. 

So far, I've seen a ton of happy hour apps, but most stay clear of Boston because of the statutory lack of alcohol specials. Grubby Boston fills this niche. Hopefully, there are a lot more students like me - hungry, cheap, and armed with technology.

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