Thursday, January 30, 2014

In App Billing Launch

Nirmal has launched BodyBuild v2.0, which includes in-app-billing for the first time. Instead of requiring users to download BodyBuild Pro, a separate app, extra workouts become part of the same BodyBuild. There is also an option to remove ads, making BodyBuild essentially the Pro version. There are also other upgrades, such as more workouts in both free and upgraded versions, enhanced image quality for large screens, and some memory bug fixes. 
This update will be slowly rolled out to existing users, starting with 10%. As long as there are no crash reports, this will be increased to 100% over the course of about a week. There is definitely convenience in the in-app-billing, but users may see less of a value proposition. Hopefully 80+ workouts is enough to convince the cheapest of bodybuilders.