Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New App in the Works

Now that Nirmal launched, Upper West Sliders, the greatest happy hour app for the Upper West Side, he as lots of free time. A life of leisure and curry have added quite satisfactorily to his paunch. 

That's all over. A new app is in the works, an app bigger than the others (but not bigger than Project B12).

How can an average boy from Bangalore just go about creating a new app? Here are some friendly steps:
1. Download the Android SDK and Eclipse (takes a while even with a fast internet connection)
2. Open Eclipse
3. File->New->Android Application Poject.
4. Profit like a Boss Man Walla.

Here's a little more detail from the source:

Just look at all of Nirmal's rupees already! After new app, his wealth will flow like the Ganges!

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