Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Timeline for New App

Many Desis know that Desis enjoy slacking off, maybe for cricket, maybe for watching entire seasons of popular USA television shows, maybe for Minecraft. To prevent this, Nirmal has created  a timeline for the new app, herewith known as "Project Intro" or just "Intro" for short.

Deadline November 5th: Timeline (completed, horay!)
Deadline November 8th: New workspace, copied useful data, beta logo & promo
Deadline November 15th: EULA/introduction sequence
Deadline November 22nd: Working SD card data save for user, local entries
Deadline November 28th (Thanksgiving): "Intro" BETA LAUNCH!!! (Like autowalla)
Deadline December 6th: Issues fixed from launch, moved data retrieve to website
Deadline December 13th: Graphics (gifs?), alpha logo & promo
Deadline December 20th: Fully populated lists with new entries
Deadline December 23rd (Christmas): "Intro" ALPHA LAUNCH!!! (Like bossmanwalla)

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